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This slim 4 page supplement for "old school" adventure games helps you add dramatic death scenes and injuries to your games with bland "hit points". Are you tired of being at negative hit points and having nothing to do but "roll to stabilize" or begging other players to heal you or just rolling up a new character while the others continue to play? 

Maybe you'll miraculously pull through with scars and an eyepatch. Maybe you'll spit out a curse (that actually means something) on your enemies with your dying breath or bequeath your allies a blessing that aids them in their quest as they carry on without you. Or maybe you'll just go out in a blaze of glory that passes into legend!

The "0hp Flatline Heart" logo is available on t-shirts here.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Do you want to die with dignity and save your last two silver pieces to put on your eyes? Take a free copy (but remember to come back if you get a third silver piece before you die). Each purchase adds another community copy.

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