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Ash Island is a roleplaying game of pain, darkness, despair, and hope for a GM and one or more players, set in a fog-shrouded New England town on a small island dominated by an evil force that manifests the characters' own inner demons to torment them. 

You take the role of anchorites, unfortunate souls bound to the dark spirit of the island by the unique suffering of their own personal sins or trauma. You answered the island's siren call and find yourself trapped in a ghost town full of dangerous monsters. Unarmed and alone, you must use your talents to explore, arm yourself, and find a way to escape. Of course, you can't just run away. There's something else you have to do first...

Using an innovative blackjack based rules system, Ash Island is a personal survival horror story game based on the Ruled by Night SRD and inspired by "Silent Hill", "Shutter Island", "Identity", "1408", and "Twin Peaks". 

The 88-page book contains several maps of different parts of Ash Island, because you never know where your own personal hell will drag you. 


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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If you really need a relaxing trip to Ash Island, but can't currently afford a ticket on the ferry, take a community copy and enjoy a relaxing stroll along the beach or through one of our many fog-shrouded woodland hiking trails. You may never leave!

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A really good take on Silent Hill or No-End House style stories as a ttrpg. Makes great use of the Trophy/Ruled by Night system to create character-driven survival horror that can go horribly wrong, while also giving players a lot of tactical options in play that lead directly into narrative. Jam-packed with maps, points of interest, and eerie ephemera to fuel your incursion to the Island.