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Over a century ago, the Moon Princess sank in the Sea of Fallen Jewels while carrying valuables from a noble’s island villa. Since then, the sea has dried and become a salt-encrusted wasteland. The treasure-hunters have come into the possession of an account of an explorer who found the wreck of the Moon Princess but died before going back to salvage her treasures.

Other hunters also thirst for the gold of the Moon Princess. Can you cross a formerly aquatic desert hostile to human life to reach the treasure? Will you be beaten by rival treasure-hunters? Or will you lose your life and precious bodily fluids to the weird creatures that have adapted to this arid land?

This incursion was an entry in the 2020 Trophy Gold Incursion Contest and was selected as one of the top two entries. (After much debate, it was awarded “First Runner-up”.) You can hear Jason Cordova and Jesse Ross discuss the incursion finalists and the judging on the Trophy Podcast here. (A glowing review of "Sea of Dust" begins at the 31 minute mark.)

There are two versions. They both have identical text, but the deluxe version contains more art for creature illustrations.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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An absolutely phenomenal incursion, brimming with evocative details which bring this strange landscape to life. It bears reading a few times to let it sink in. I can't wait to run this one!

I spent some time with Inkscape, GIMP, and Scribus tonight and put together a deluxe version with some more creature art. My favorite are the dust goblins. I might have to make a bestiary at some point.